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“Upholstery, furniture repair and fabrication of covers  In Kyiv

Перетяжка обивка мебели Киев

Covers for furniture in Kyiv — Development, design of models taking into account the wishes of the customer. We will develop integral, separate elements. We promise practicality in the use of the product. Sewing of thin or dense fabrics. Cases are unique, tailored directly under the upholstery, interior, environment project.

Upholstery of any complexity — Reconstruction of soft parts of furniture. Upholstery of furniture at the location / at home, without exporting furniture, which will speed up the repair procedure.

Anti-claws — Isolated by the group from other categories of tissue. Particularly in demand sewing covers from this collection of fabric. High-strength upholstery has become popular. Resistance to friction, to dirt - is generally accepted in public premises. Dense weaving of threads allows to resist claws of domestic animals.

FABRICS for upholstery FURNITURE  — Provided in various classes and textures. Classic shenille, silky velours, light flocks, refined jacquards. First-class artificial leather, leatherette. Near positions offer under which design may be suitable. For each sample, the given version of the structure for the constriction is indicated. For simplicity and ease of viewing, the fabrics were broken into types and collections. The fabric is realized in a very nice price.

Departure to any area
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Перетяжка обивка мебели Киев

Often, customers are interested in or provide upholstery and repair services in their area.

Closest to us are Obolonsky, Podolsky, Shevchenko, Pechersky, Desnyansky, Dniprovsky. Economically more profitable is the listed ones, because transport services are now expensive, as in principle and everything else. The total price of services is not only the materials and the cost of work, but also the remoteness of the client. But no matter what we leave around Kyiv and sometimes in the region, to the total value of the upholstery or covers, or repair is added a certain amount of course.

To tighten upholstered furniture, repairs or covers are justified economically, we always recommend you to plan as many soft interior items beforehand as possible or to cooperate with neighbors, now more and more often they do exactly this - several apartments do a constriction of several sofas together. And together the price is obtained in total less.

Prices for furniture upholstery + repair in Kyiv
Upholstery Sofa
Corner Sofa2000
Upholstery Armchair650
Upholstery Chairот 160
Upholstery for kitchen furnitureот 1000
Prices for Covers in Kyiv


Corner Sofa1500